My Writing Life

I admit that I, as a literate member of society, do, in fact, have a writing life. But I do real writing — writing that deals with complex issues and emotional debates, and not composing text messages — in two general situations. Either I have been assigned a blog post, or I am grappling with some sort of significant event in my life and I need to work through my feelings. Obviously, to avoid getting too “meta”, I’ll be discussing the latter.

I’m a very logical, rational person; according to the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test, I am an I/ENTJ. This acronym basically states that I think things through, and make decisions based on reason rather than emotion. That’s not to say that I don’t let my feelings play into my understanding of the world. Everyone’s do. What I mean is that I benefit from analyzing why I feel a certain way, and that I can break down situations into simpler ideas and events in order to better understand them. This is why writing matters to me. Being able to state my thoughts validates them, and moving from abstract sentiments and feelings to concrete ideas helps me better comprehend my experiences. Naturally, this writing becomes pretty philosophical pretty quickly, which is why I don’t often have time to engage in such deep self-reflection. These personal writings are mine, and mine only. I don’t ever intend to share them with others, not because of their content, but based on principle: I don’t want to misrepresent myself, and an accurate representation of myself would require infinite self-analysis. In other words, if even I don’t completely know myself, why would I offer an image of myself that’s incomplete or inaccurate to others?

Another reason I like to write is that writing makes me feel smart. And classy. If I’m writing, you can find me sipping hot tea by the fireplace, listening to a Mahler Symphony on my laptop as I type. It’s fun. It’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to living like a European aristocrat. I’m sure that once this semester winds down (/when I submit my college applications, marching season ends, I finally finish Boy Scouts, and I audition for All-State), I’ll have a little more time to write for leisure.


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