Looking Back

This year — this semester — has probably been the most formative stretch of my life thus far (other than my pre-natal literally formative days/months). I have experienced all-time lows and have reaped great successes. On a slightly more dull and topic-oriented note, I can say the same about this semester of AP English III.

I can definitely pinpoint my worst moment of the year for English class: my quiz over The Crucible. I got a 44. Yep. I could not identify a single character by full name, which certainly makes an ID assessment tough. Though only a daily grade, it served as a (mid-semester!) wakeup call; I learned that I must more closely absorb details of everything I am required to read. In my defense I watched the movie, which I was told would be okay, but I digress. Having learned my lesson, I read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn very closely, and was very successful on all of its assessments.

However, I cannot recall a specific moment or point that I would identify as being the most positive. Don’t take this to mean that I did not have my fair share of positive experiences; in fact, the vast majority of the year was positive! But if I haaaaaad to pick one general area I thoroughly enjoyed, it would be participating in group discussions. As I’m positive (ha) you know, I like to talk, so sharing my ideas out loud — and hearing what others think — is something I find enjoyable. An idea that has helped me a lot this year through all my discussion-based activities (school, GSA, Interfaith), which I will not attempt to take credit for since I am positive (ha) I did not come up with it, is that others are just as grounded in their beliefs and will defend them in the same way that I am grounded in and will defend mine. This has helped me become more open-minded, and that makes discussion all the more fun.

To Mr. Williams:

There’s a possibility that my schedule will not allow me to be in your class next semester. I know it’s premature, but I’d like to at least once thank you for all that you’ve done for me this year, especially for being so accommodating when (ahem) unexpected situations arise. You have forced me to think more than any other teacher ever has, and for that I cannot thank you enough. You’re funny and brilliant and you make my day daily (except for timed writing days. Those are messed up, so thanks). Keep on being MARVELous! (see what I did there?)


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