Kim Holt — I highly doubt you are reading this, but if you are, don’t think I’m trying to suck up; there’s nothing more you could possibly do for me –, you taught me more lessons about life than I think you intended. You didn’t simply lead an after school program for middle schoolers (a kick-ass one at that); you taught young people how to think. You gave everything your all, and you broadened my horizons like very few ever could. (You broadened them literally, when you took me and the others out to Heifer Farms for the weekend to learn about nonprofits, volunteerism, and the outdoors, and when you busted me out of school to eat lunch at the restaurant atop the Prudential Building.) You also exposed me to ideas and opportunities that I never knew existed, from visiting the UN in New York and participating in the model UN competition (that you had to fight to enter me into since I was too young) to learning how to understand art and how to meditate. What’s more, you showed me what a crazy, beautiful, diverse, COOL world we live in, and that the real shame in life lies in not having enough time to do it all.

As I think back, I wonder how you saw it all: what did I look like when I, hands and nose pressed against the glass, stared out at the city from above? How did you manage to make so many of my dreams come true —  dreams that I never could have imagined just months before?

Through your work I learned how to interact with adults better than I could with other kids, too. That’s been kinda useful over the years.

Lastly, you inspired me to become a Renaissance Man before I even knew what that was. You sparked my curiosity in, basically, everything. You’re really making it hard on me now that I will soon have to pick a major (or two… or three….)!

Kim, you rock. Just saying.


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